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Hanyang Energy Engineering Appropriate Technology Research Team

HEART at a Glance

  • Vision To extend the concept of water resources from a problem of choice to a problem of right
    To develop optimized technologies protecting the dignity of human beings
  • Mission To provide safe drinking water by supplying water-purifying devices to those in need
    To develop appropriate technology and build a virtuous cycle of “warm-hearted” economic activities.
  • Strategy
    • - Cutting-edge technology in energy engineering R&D
    • - The best technology candidate for global communities
    • - Preliminary study and field test for global communities
    Education & Supplying
    • - Offering energy engineering “Pro bono”
    • - Educating the awareness of drinking water
    • - Continuous supply of water purifiers to those who need
    • - Cooperation with educational and research instiutes
    • - Glocalization through cooperation with local communities


History of HEART



  • Portable Necklace
    Water-Purifying Device
    • - UF membrane based, suction type
    • - Designing velocity to 0.5L/min, with capacity of 2L/day
  • Manpower Pump Driven
    Water-Purifying Device
    • - NF membrane based, manpower-duplex type
    • - Designing velocity to 4L/min, with capacity of 1000L/day. 5hrs
    • - 50 people can be served as 20L of drinkable water per day
  • Atmospheric Pressure-Driven
    High Capacity Water-Purifying Device
    • - UF membrane based, gravity type
    • - Removing odor and improving flavors by activated carbon block
  • High Capacity Multi-Step Water-Purifying Device
    • - Composed of Bag Filter (5㎛), Sediment Filter (1㎛),
      Polysulfone UF Membrane Filter (0.01㎛),
      and Activated Carbon Filter